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You have a wide selection of models, all of which are fixed to the wall by a self-adhesive plastic tape. Usually you can stick wall stickers on almost any surface — even glass is no exception! Anyway, the wall sticker has not so long when you paste garden furniture on walls painted with LaTeX. The same applies to some other surfaces, usually in the bathroom, so you ask specifically in the business. If you have painted the walls recently, you wait two weeks before you attach the wall sticker.

Before applying the decals, test the wall to safety once again. The fastest you will stick the beautiful decoration on the wall when you split the surfaces and then paste from the bottom upwards. Careful, that the respective part is firmly fixed before you continue. Wall sticker is covered with a film, you need to remove at the end.

Before you buy a wall stickers, ask for specifically over the distance at the store. Normally this should be easily - you can in advance a little warm up the wall, and then very carefully remove the wall sticker.

The wall is an exciting decoration that could match any interior and style, so inspired by our proposals and create your own unique wall decoration!

The architecture has this modern residence in Kamakura Studio Edward Suzuki from Tokyo, Japan built. It is a Japanese House is a two-storey building and the House Office buildings. The House [url=]garden furniture[/url] looks like a ring, which was built around the courtyard.

This Japanese House located in a partly commercial, partly residential district, is surrounded from all sides by other buildings, means saving a lot noise and many neighbors. These factors have inspired the architects for their design – whether striving to ensure a gemütlcihen private area in the City Centre for the family. The customer wanted to also make his large collection of works of art to the show.

With this motivation in mind the designer Edward Suzuki have a rectangular structure built 15m in diameter, with a courtyard. Minimalism as selected architectural style can feel it everywhere - the white facade and simple interior design. All rooms at the Japanese House were arranged around the courtyard and offer views of the little green island.

The living room provides ample space garden furniture for the family, as well as for the guest. The sunlight is abundant through large Windows. The decking is a cozy outdoor area where the family can enjoy his dinner. White color scheme dominated the Interior and wooden furniture create exciting accents.

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