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Flavia was abandoned by her mother and father when she was three months old. She was raised by Irma, a distant relative of her real parents. Irma has full custody of Flavia and loves her like her own daughter. Irma’s husband past away during 2005 and to support the family, they receive Irma’s pension and a small sum of child benefit from the government. Flavia is a very diligent student and – despite their poor living conditions – Irma does everything she can in order to support her with her studies.


  • Letter from Flavia!

    The letter says: I spent Holy Week with my family. We went with my mom and my baby to my boyfriend’s house to eat meat. It was good and bad because I ate a giant Easter egg and got sick to my stomach and went to the doctor, but it went well at the end. The traditions [for Easter] in Argentina are to eat chocolate eggs and to go to mass. It’s going a bit badly for me in school right now. I have three classes I’m not reaching the average in. I’m in the fifth year of a technical school in which we make bracelets, we use machines, we put together wheelchairs and mechanical wheelchairs for paraplegic people and we donate them. I don’t like Physics very much because you work with numbers and formulas and it makes me dizzy and I don’t like Chemistry very much but I’m sticking with it. I really like sports and my favorite sport is soccer and I’m a very good player. With Give Opportunity we have orientation workshops, we have extra-help classes for the hard subjects, and we all eat breakfast...
  • Academic Transcript

    Flavia has been working hard at school. Check out her academic transcript!


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