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Drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices to drop fat in spring

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Optimum extent keep vitamins and minerals of fruit and veggies with refreshing fruit and veggies juice to consume, but one particular can carry you the dietary worth of fruit and veggies is extremely restricted, Apple + celery + of kiwifruit + honey Efficacy: constipation, fiber slender midsection & abdominals The apple pectin content is extremely rich, which is a substance can produce satiety, with high levels of fiber in the celery can quickly play alleviate hunger, clean the stomach, constipation stagnation role. The kiwi fruit is well-known VC champion, vitamin C can promote the body's detoxification function, to accelerate melanin desalination and scar healing, and honey with a more seamless As the apple and celery relatively hard, so after the first to be cut into small pieces with juice squeezed once, add about 200ml cool white open diluted in the process of juicing. Completely virgin broken into the Kiwi virgin can be removed with 1-2 tablespoons of honey to taste, a unique and refreshing taste, the feeling with creatinine aftertaste, recommended daily tea time cup, adhere to 7 days will be able to see the midsection change small magical effects The mint + orange + carrot Efficacy: buck reduce body fat, beauty health Mint leaves in the cool ingredient is a natural appetite suppressant, it can reduce appetite but also increase the function of the gastrointestinal detoxification, add mint leaves many tea is as fundamental to drop bodyweight. Sweet orange is rich in vitamins C and E, the water is also pretty rich, detoxification beauty of the best. Carrot the multivitamin complex unique carotene is a strong antioxidant ingredients. Carrots contain VC biochemical enzyme mint and sweet orange first mixed juice mixed with carrot juice before drinking. Cut mint leaves, together with the peeled and diced sweet orange juice into the machine, poured into 100 ml of cool white open juice together. With refreshing carrots, peeled and cut into small pieces into 100ml of water and juice to consume with mint sweet orange juice. This section mixed fruit juice for 1 hour after meal consume, bowel detoxification, speed up digestion, blood pressure reduced body fat Tomato + lemon + celery + honey, Efficacy: potent body fat loss, Colon Cleanser Tomato has a high content of lycopene and acid, which is material to promote bowel movements, and the citric acid in the lemon with bowel effect is better. These two substances also reduce the deposition of body fat particles in the blood, and prevent new adipogenesis acceleration energy metabolism. With a high content of fiber celery and honey is rich in amino acids, is a potent body fat burning and bowel detoxification clergyman. Celery is a need to type juicer, celery juice squeezed tomato cut into small pieces into the juicer out of lemon juice mixed with half a lemon in tomato juice followed by the celery juice mixed Finally, add honey to taste can be. This channel mixed fruit juice and suitable eating a lot of greasy food or stomach bloating drinking accelerate bowel movements, can effectively relieve the sense of pain, long-term drinking can quickly reduce body body fat percentage, truly become white slender beauty . Homemade drinks do not contain preservatives, can also be based on personal preferences Feel free to add fruit and veggies, dietary health and weight-loss
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