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Type 59 in WOT: Pluses and Minuses

After you buy WOT account there is a totally new world you’ll dive into but the most important thing is to choose the greatest tanks to complete this journey. Among all the types available there is a hidden dragon called Type 59 that is considered to be one of the best tier 8 premium tanks. Here is why.
[ul][li] [i]China[/i][/li][/ul] Class
[ul][li] [i]Medium Tank[/i][/li][/ul] Crew
[ul][li] [i]Commander[/i][/li][li] [i]Gunner[/i][/li][li] [i]Driver[/i][/li][li] [i]Loader[/i][/li][/ul] Originally a copy of the U.S.S.R. medium T-54A, it eventually went through some modernizations and became one of the most difficult tanks to destroy by lower tiers, because Type 59 gained highly effective armored and sloped turret. It also comes with the 60 degrees sloped 100 mm frontal armor which allows this tank to bounce off many difficult shots. This tier 8 tank has strong guns, NORINCO 12150L engine and the A-220 radio. Additionally, due to its high mobility, it’s pretty agile – flanking it would be really difficult.
While the reverse scenario is more than possible. Though circling enemies could be hard because the Type 59 loses speed in turns. Still, its large variety of features allows this tank to sometimes perform better than expected in 1-on-1 fights with medium and light tanks. However, Type 59 was removed from the game’s shop in 2012, but later on, it became available as a tier 8 premium tank that can be earned as a reward for first place in special events/tournaments.

Catch the Pluses

[ul][li] [i]Superb frontal turret armor[/i] [i]Effectively sloped frontal upper hull armor[/i][/li][li] [i]7 degrees of gun depression with greater flexibility[/i][/li][li] [i]Higher credit income [/i][/li][li] [i]Low repair fees[/i][/li][li] [i]Fair matchmaking (tier 9 max)[/i][/li][li] [i]Equipment: VertStab, Rammer, Optics/Vents [/i][/li][li] [i]Crew skills include: Sixth Sense, BiA, Snap Shot, Repairs, Offroad Driving, Camo, Smooth Ride, Safe Stowage, Firefighting[/i][/li][/ul] This set usually allows getting away from the U.S.S.R. D-25T and similar peers. So, Type 59 has one of the richest feature packs, decent firepower, higher vitality and resilience which works very well for group battles.

[ul][li] [i]Low HP index[/i] [i]Aimtime is relatively poor[/i][/li][li] [i]Turret’s top comes with 2 weak cupolas[/i][/li][li][i]Upper hull glacis is vulnerable to some medium guns[/i][/li][li][i]Weak lower glacis[/i][/li][li] [i]Frontal/right-side located ammo rack [/i][/li][li][i]Frontal fuel tank is located next to the front driver[/i][/li][li] [i]Pretty mediocre DPM comparing to other non-premium models[/i][/li][li][i]Comparatively low silhouette allows opponents to shoot you down into the top frontal armor of the turret from a close range. [/i][/li][/ul] So, even though Type 59 comes with many pros, it also has some disadvantages that couldn’t be neglected as easily as you’d want. However, the feature set still makes this tank highly desirable by many players. Now, go find a WOT account for sale at [url=][/url] right now and enter the special competition to win your own Type 59 tier 8 premium tank and try it in the battle yourself!

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