A small, but subtle change, the developers have directly confirmed: If so far two players have run towards each other and arrived at the exact same moment on the ball hack fr fifa 19, they have deftly dodged each other. Reason was apparently simple that the animation system for all other actions was not ready yet. This is supposed to be different in Fifa 19, when the athletes crash into each other, or one grabs the ball - or whatever.

In addition to the changes in the football game, there is of course a big change: In FIFA 19, virtual kickers can play for the first time in the series the Champions League. Among other things, this competition will be part of the plot surrounding the well-known main character Alex Hunter, plus a career mode and various other modes. The menus are kept in the CL-look, there are the typical jingles along with the music - in the presentation, this has all been very consistent and relatively bombastic.

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