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30 Second Pitch for Givology

People have short attention spans. I've learned this countless times from approaching people at parties, fundraisers, on any form of public transportation, etc, especially when you try to talk to them about donating money to a charitable cause. So I keep the pitch short but sweet (count 30 seconds at most). How would one make a compelling case about our cause while at the same time distinguishing ourselves from other similar organizations?

I asked our founder Joyce Meng this important question, and she gave me three handy bullet points we can easily learn, memorize and disseminate:

1. TRANSPARENCY - this basic tenet captures the essence and arguably the most unique factor about microphilanthropy; the idea that your dollar has the largest impact (no matter the size).

2. COMMUNITY OF GIVING - to me this set us apart from other organizations. We provide the online marketplace platform where people can directly engage each other through our efficiently managed blogging and messaging system. I think of it as market capitalism (supply and demand) meeting democratic principles (openness and dialogue).

3. GRASSROOTS CAUSES - we take great pride in our grassroots partnerships through embracing education causes that truly make a difference!

To round it out (if I still have 60% of the person's attention by this point), I give one example of a particular student or project to which I've donated. What moves people are not the regrettable facts of the harsh conditions in which people live but rather how one can make a palpable difference in their lives. In other words, be positive. There's always room for optimism!

Hope this helps, and feel free to leave your two cents!

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