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[font="Times New Roman","serif"]Just like the human body cars function the same way. When you do not give your body, the basic nutrients required for its functioning it becomes highly vulnerable to illnesses. Likewise, when you do not give your [b]car the care[/b] it requires you may incur a lot of money to repair or replace damaged parts. Following your manufacturer’s service interval will save you all these expenses. Below are the tips to ensure that your car is effectively taken care. Check out more automotive tips at [/font][url=https://autonerdsreview.com/][font="Times New Roman","serif"]www.autonerdsreview.com[/font][/url]
[b][font="Times New Roman","serif"]1. [/font][/b][b]REGULAR CHECK FOR ENGINE OIL[/b]
The engine is populated with lots of metal parts which are on the move. For the engine to function effectively and efficiently oil is applied. The oil is usually intended to reduce friction between the metal parts.
[b][font="Times New Roman","serif"]2. [/font][/b][b]CHANGING THE SPARK PLUGS[/b]
Improper functioning of the spark plug causes tremendous effects on the functioning of a car. First, the car can’t start without the plug, secondly a bad plug cause misfire during accelerations, and poor combustion in the engine is as a result of a bad plug.
Neglecting the plug may results in uneconomical consumption of fuel, and damage to engine in the long run.
[b][font="Times New Roman","serif"]3. [/font][/b][b]REGULARLY CHECKING THE TIRE PRESSURE[/b]
Most people are aware of the tire pressure mystery. But thanks to the experts, it is no longer a mystery. The concepts of expansion and contraction of air are the answer to this mystery.
It is advisable you know your tire pressure and keep checking to avoid bumping into these tire problems.
[b][font="Times New Roman","serif"]4. [/font][/b][b]REPLACING WORN BRAKE PADS[/b]
A good braking system is crucial for your survival at the road. Within the braking system, the pads play a larger role in proving reliable brakes. Due to its role, the pad gets worn out regularly. As a result of wearing out your car might be involved in an accident. To avoid this and for good [b]car care[/b], you should check them regularly and replace.
[b][font="Times New Roman","serif"]5. [/font][/b][b]DRIVING CAREFULLY[/b]
What is careful driving? First, it involves proving the above four services. After that, your next step will be to ensure that you have a slow acceleration when starting your car. When stopping for check-ups on the road consider switching your car to neutral mode. Also, do the same when you encounter red light stops. By doing so, you will get a great reward from your car which will be a large interval before requesting for repair.
[font="Times New Roman","serif"]Just as told you at the beginning, you neglect your car you will always be spending a lot of money on your repair. So, don’t forget about these [/font][url=https://www.rd.com/advice/saving-money/car-maintenance-tips-extend-life-car/][b][font="Times New Roman","serif"]car cares[/font][/b][/url][b][font="Times New Roman","serif"]:[/font][/b] The engine oil, spark plug, brake pad, and the tire pressure are very crucial in that paying attention to them you will benefit in the long run. Giving good care to your car is a win-win situation for you.

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