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Ehud Sharir Enjoyed a camping tour with his friends

Well, I am always a big fan of camping. Although camping brings some discomfort and troubles with it but a camping trip with suffering always bring something amazing to experience with us. Well, the people who have experienced camping even once in their lives knew about the fun which camping can bring to the lives for a few days. Being out of the hassles of the routine life and knowing the nature from closer can make a positive impact on ourselves and can make you a positive person with ease. Well, this year I planned with my friends to experience camping in the spring season. As because we have to spend outdoor nights, therefore, we decided to choose a time with moderate temperature so that we could have more fun and memories from this tour which we can remember till the rest of our lives.
It was really making me more excited that we have to spend our nights under the blanket of shining stars and by being around nature. Well, we were 11 friends who decided to go camping on the weekend. So, from the Friday night, we had to start out journey so that we could reach to our destination early in the morning of Saturday and could have enough fun thereby exploring the beauty of the place with ease in the two days.
All of the friends gathered at my place Well, we decided to gather at my place because we have hired a bus to reach to our camping destination. Well, everyone gathered at 4:00 pm and we did our lunch there. My mother cooked some food for all of us and packed the rest so that we could eat that during travel. We had chosen a hill station as the destination of our camping trip. So, we started our journey at 5:00 pm. It was a long route to reach the camping destination so we decided to have some fun during our travel to the place. We played music on the bus and everyone started to dance one by one but the restriction was to do as funniest dance as someone can do. It was extremely fun to see the amazing hidden talent of every person of our friend’s group and literally, we came to know how much-talented people we had in our friend zone. Well, it was truly a great idea to enjoy the time we were spending.
After we had done with having our amazingly fun activity then we decided to do something which we can enjoy and get relaxation with. One of our team members is a great singer and he always keeps his guitar with him. So, we all requested him to sing something for us and let us appreciate his talent. He agreed and started to play guitar and sang some of the most amazing songs in his beautiful voice. This made us really calm and at the end, we clapped to appreciate his talent. Well, after that we slept for some time and approximately within 2 hours we were at our destination.
The beauty of the place inspired us Once we came out of the bus we saw some mesmerizing beautiful scenes around us. The beautiful greenery around us amazed us. The beautiful blossomed flowers all around the place showed us the real color of spring. We were very happy that we selected this place for our camping trip because no else place could let us experience such kind of beauty which we had seen there. It was early morning and the scene really made us fresh.
Well, we brought our luggage bags out and started to fix our camps at the place so that we could start to enjoy our tour. Well, after fixing the camps we took one hour to relax and planned to go hiking today. So, after resting for one hour we prepared our breakfast which consisted of bread jam toasts, milk, and packed juices. After we had done with that we cleaned the place where we sat to do breakfast and started to get the things out which were required for hiking.
The hiking trail was just near to our camping place. So, we reached there with no time and paired up the teams to start our journey. It was really an adventurous activity to do. We enjoyed a lot and had amazing fun during hiking. We returned back to our camps in the evening. All the days were spent by wandering around the place and exploring beauty. We captured these beautiful moments in our cameras so that we could bring our ever-lasting memories with us to our homes.
We did amazing activates around the campfire. After being relaxed we planned to enjoy a campfire at night. So, it was really necessary to take some time to rest after spending the entire day wandering out there. Well, after the hours had gone we came out of our places and started to collect the woods to burn fire. Some of us went around the place to collect some fuel while others were preparing the things to cook something to eat. We also had some food which my mother packed for us but one of my friends knew about the process to roast the chicken and he had all of the required things. Well, once the fire was burning he hang the chicken by putting some sauces and spices on it and hang it with an iron bar above the fire. We started to play truth and dare to spend some more memorable time together because the next morning was the time to went back to our own places. Being under the open sky and enjoying amazingly fun activities along with the delicious roasted food, the time was just awesome. We spent the entire night around the campfire while enjoying amazing activities. In the next morning packed our luggage and were on the way to home after spending an amazing weekend together.

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