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They all were looking for him everywhere, in the house, at his friends, and even calling his colleagues but everybody knew nothing about where he had gone. Some were saying, they haven’t seen him since yesterday while some claimed they have seen him early in the morning, but not after that. His mother, father, and siblings, all were looking for him everywhere. His mother was feeling like getting faint and father was worried too.
Why you people are being so worried guys, he is an adult; said one of his brothers’.
He has no brain or sense; he is just like an idiot… his mother shouted.
Are you being caring towards him by saying him such all these thing; Said one of his sisters.
You are not old enough to take part in the elder's talk said his father and asked her to go to her room.
Ehud was listening to every bit of words from the window out of his house. Standing numb… He hated his parents’ views about him. He was not an idiot. He can take care of himself fully. Since childhood, out of care, they had treated him like a duffer who cannot take decisions of his life, who cannot live freely, or who cannot even do all those things which many people of his age could do freely. He wasn't a small kid but an adult of whole twenty-six years…
Later that evening… In the evening previous to the day he left his home forever, he listened to their parents talking about the greatest decision of his life. His marriage.Instead of getting excited he got conscious because, since childhood, he had seen his parents quarreling and shouting at each other. He hated the idea of marriages since childhood.
He felt uneasy and shouted, I don’t want to get married at least not where you people would say…
On listening to this, Ehud parents started shouting and blaming each other for the fault.
Ehud shouted once again… Mom, dad stop it… stop this all now…
Now they both were accusing him of being rude to his parents and that Allah would curse him for that.
Eastern Culture of Marriages: Ehud belongs to a family in India where it was common and obvious to have marriages with parents’ likeness. After that, the bride and groom had to live there life either because of children they had or because of what society would say…
Ehud hated this idea of marriages. He wanted to have love with someone he would spend his whole life but because of being youngest in the family, he didn't get the privilege to do whatever he wanted to do, or say what he wanted to say, or behave like he wanted to behave.
Everybody has ever told him that being the small one he doesn't have enough wit to take decisions for himself. He never gets respect because youngest always just listen to their elders and they cannot say anything, nothing even about their own life decisions.
It doesn't mean that Ehud hated his family or never loved them. He loved his family, his parents, and siblings but he always felt some sort of detachment from them when they treated disrespectfully or didn’t give much importance to whatever he says.
Ehud Shrir Left His Home: After many days of arguments with his parents and siblings, Ehud decided to go somewhere and live alone. He took some of his clothes, his credit cards, and debit cards, some of his savings and left the home early in the morning.
He was not feeling anything emotional in his heart neither he was having anything in his mind. His mind and heart were at peace whilst leaving home. He stayed for a day in a small hotel near the railway station and went to Mumbai forever. Nobody listened about him after that…
Some thought he was dead, some thought he was kidnaped and some thought nothing about him.
Ehud Sharir was lost: 15 years later…
The stage was all set, he was wearing glasses and taking each step one by one… he was facing the camera, people, and audience after so long. Presenters on stage were introducing him as the best writer, who wrote so much about the negativity of the society and pointed out big mistakes that people do with their kids out of care. Here we have Mr. Lost Wanderer.
Hall was filled with cheers and clapping when he reached the podium,
He started speaking about his journey of writing. How he left his home and how Ehud was lost for his parents, his family, his friends, and everyone when he found himself as the best writer. He said that Ehud Sharir was really lost. He ended his speech with the line:

“Sometimes getting yourself lost is good to found who you really are.”

So I am lost….
The hall was filled with clapping and cheers.

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