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Ehud Sharir

I mean Ehud Sharir, always wanted to utilize my spare time in doing something that can be beneficial or creative. The small garden that I have in front of my small but beautiful house is just the result of my daily hard work and interest in gardening. Gardening is my favorite thing to do whenever I got some spare time.
Garden that I have in front of my house is no doubt really small, but I feel proud to see that, it is just because that is the result of my hard workings. I worked for hours to convert that piece of land into a beautiful garden. To work in that place is bringing me really close to nature.
How I Started to make a useless piece of land, a beautiful gardenI really work hard as labor to make this land attractive. In starting when I started to work at that place, I was unaware of the fact that with my hard work I can make that place beautiful. It is because I just started to work there because I had nothing else to do in my spare time. After doing my work and completing my routine tasks, I move to that place and start to work. In the very starting period of time, I just tried to clean that place from the extra bushes and wastage that were placed there.
Then it just clicked into my mind that I should grow something to this place to make it more useful. Then I asked my mom what I should plant there. She just told me that she would just love to have a small portion in front of the house surrounded by the beds of beautiful flowers with fresh, velvety green grass. I always love to fulfil my mom’s wishes because she means the world to me. So, I thought about to make my mom’s dream a reality and started to grow different flower plants and beautiful lush green grass there. And now this small garden is my mom’s most favorite place in my house. She loves to spend her time at this beautiful place. I always ask my mom before trying something in my life because I feel like whatever I am going to do with her suggestion is surely going to be a blessing for me.
My gardening routineWhen I started to work on my land, I used to spend two to three hours there daily to clean the place and to plant the beautiful flowers there. When I decided to grow grass, I choose a holiday to work because I knew the fact that this is going to take more time to plant grass in my garden than other things.
Well, after the completion of the plantation process, I need to take care of the other things, for example, watering process. So, I decided to spend half an hour in the morning and equal time in the evening to take care of my plants and to clean my garden on a regular basis.
On weekends I spend more time cleaning my garden and taking the dead leaves and plants out of my garden. Sometimes, my mom also joins me in the cleaning process to help me.
Ehud Sharir love to spend time in the small garden that he has in front of his houseI just love to spend my weekends with the beautiful plants in the small best green place I have in front of my house. You just can’t imagine what it feels to spend my weekend evenings there with my friends or family members. I found my little garden as a piece of paradise in my house.
Gardening is something that keeps me fresh and makes me happier. I love to talk my little flowers blossomed in my garden. Sweet fragrant of these beautiful flowers can make my mood fresh and have the ability to keep the stress away from my mind. Working in the garden is not just making me fresh, but it is also improving my health. I feel energetic by having a morning walk in my paradise.
This little garden is the best place that I have, and it is because I always find peace and happiness there.

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