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Free Phone System for Your Business to Enhance Solutions

3CX phone system[/b]
3CX is the software-based PBX for windows that works to provide user full PBX solution with Standard IP phones, SIP trunks, and VoIP gateways. For its innovative technology, flexibility, and unique features, globally, this software is used by more than 30000 companies. This system is much cheaper than the normal phone system, thus it helps many companies to reduce up to 70% of their telephony costs.

[b]Advantages of using the 3CX phone system[/b]
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Via a web-based configuration interface, easy to install and manage
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Enable easy communication with iOS or Android user from everywhere
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Purchase existing server hardware and IT infrastructure
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or Skype Connect saves monthly call costs
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Through standard PSTN, Receive and make calls using VoIP gateways or cards
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]With advanced call queues, provides good customer services
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Using the remote extension feature, it allows employees to work from home and thus deliver mobility
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Integration with CRM and accounting software
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Standards-based – use popular IP phones*, SIP trunks
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Includes Click 2 Call features directly from your company’s website
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]More affordable to buy and expand compared to a hardware-based PBX
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Free web video conferencing with WebRTC
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]No need for extensive telecom knowledge or training
[url=https://www.vdsae.com/3cx-distributor-dubai/,][b]3CX Phone System[/b][/url] for Windows is the innovative technology and gives cost-effective solutions and thus helped many businesses to achieve the targeted result. With having the new advanced features, it improves customer service for businesses and helps to boost productivity.
[b]3CX Phone System comes in 3 different editions,[/b]

1. Standard edition – it includes only the needed PBX features
2. PRO edition – it additionally includes key productivity features with the standard edition features
3. Enterprise edition – this edition adds features that are needed by enterprises such as failover
With this innovative technology, this system helps many businesses in the possible way to improve the business money and growth. If this system is designed and implemented correctly, almost all of the companies can use this system and can improve their business. That is why people should seek for the installation services which act as the core to achieve the benefits of these systems.
[b]PABX system installation service[/b]
[url=https://www.vdsae.com/ip-pbx-pabx-dubai/][b]PABX system installation service[/b][/url] team has the highly experienced staff members who can help the businesses with these systems. They will help businesses to satisfy the business needs and requirements and will identify the cost savings. Their team will help the business to design the right hardware system and thus helps to improve business money. For your advanced phone systems and communication solutions, get the right source just like this team and get service at the reasonable prices.
[b]Services provided by Pabx system team[/b]
No matter whatever the service is, from addition to new installs, audio conferencing, telephone accounting, etc, they provide it all to their clients.
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Installations
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Upgrades and maintenance services for phone systems using VOIP
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Call auto attendant services
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Voicemail services
[font=Wingdings]ü [/font]Wireless services
On contrary to the belief that these systems are more expensive to use, they will prove to you that the business can get improved solutions at the lowest prices.

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