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How Small Businesses Can Give Back To The Community

Giving back to the community is a significant gesture and a selfless act for small businesses. Many of the successful companies in the world today donate money or fund charities in an attempt to help those in need. According to a study conducted by Ernest and Young, 89% of all entrepreneurs participate in charity acts. Another study by the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund shows that 62% of all companies that participate in charity events record higher profits and become more successful for many years ahead.

Giving back to the community is however not always an easy thing for most businesses. This is because the entrepreneurs are low on funds or rarely have time to participate in these events. You however don't have to give out huge sums of money or spend much of your day on pro-bono projects to qualify as a donor. Here are some of the simple ways that can make a difference without spending too much of your time or money.

[b]1. Coordinate and for an Employee volunteer day[/b]
Although you may lose a day's worth of work, having all employees participate in a humanity act such as cooking for the homeless (at their shelter) or build a home for them is much better than writing a check. In addition to giving back to the community, participating in such selfless activities help boost employee confidence and morale. This is a good example of a good day organised by [url=https://www.servicecare.org.uk/blogs/team-mental-health-fifa-tournament-63501511145]Service Care Solutions[/url].

[b]2. Keep a donation box close by[/b]
If you operate a store, you can then have a [url=https://www.selfishgiving.com/blog/cause-marketing-101/raise-more-money-from-businesses-with-donation-boxes]donation box/tin[/url] at the cash register or front desk. Both customers and employees can help raise some amount for the needy. Giving up some of the loose change in your pocket can make a difference in another person's life.

[b]3. Offer incentives to give [/b]
Not everyone will have some loose change in his/her pocket or purse. Why not provide better ways to give for charity? One way to do this is by asking customers if they are comfortable rounding up their purchase, with the rounded amount going to charity. Give these clients a viable reason why they should donate.

[b]4. Be a member of a local nonprofit board[/b]
Offering your industry or business expertise to the local nonprofit board is an excellent way to give back to the community. The board or beneficiaries will benefit more from your skills and artistry than they would have with the money.

[b]5. Donate to silent auctions or create a contest[/b]

Involving other businesses within your locality in donations run can also help contribute more money than you can imagine. The businesses can compete on who can collect most donations. Aside from this, you could participate in silent auctions such as school and church fundraisers.

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