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Pictures and News from Buen Pastor!

School is back in session at Buen Pastor and with it 11 new girls to the internado and 3 new art workshops. Estudio473 is heading a reading and response workshop for the preschool through kindergartners, a painting workshop for the 1st through 4th graders, and a drawing workshop for the oldest girls.

Here are some photos of the youngest new additions to BP!

Lupita is four and is in pre-K. She has two sisters at Buen Pastor.

Camila is also four and in pre-K. Her sister is Frida, below.

Frida is three and in preschool. Her sister is Camila, above.

Last we have a picture of three new older girls, Vanesa, Rosita and Alondra helping Madre Bertita bake!


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