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Eliana lives in a small house with her parents and her brother Marcelo, who is 2 years older than she is. Eliana's mother is a housewife, while her father studied graphics and painting for four years and out of personal reasons quit his studies without getting a degree. Now he is working as an independent carpenter, making an effort day by day to care for his family. Because of his own history, he considers the education and future of his children to be the most important thing and supports Eliana as well as he can in order to help her finish school and get a decent job.

After finishing school Eliana would like to study biochemistry since biology and chemistry are the topics she enjoys most. She also knows that one can reach a higher standard of living with this background than with an art degree. Also, she has enjoyed a project at school called "Pro Salud" (Pro Health) in which the students were taught how to take her of their own bodies and eat healthy food.

Eliana has one great passion painting. When looking at her paintings one can see that she has a real talent which she probably inherited from her father, an equally enthusiastic painter.

In her free time, she likes to read short stories, listen to music and go for a run with her friends. Eliana would like to learn how to play the guitar but has never had the opportunity to take lessons.

Eliana participates regularly in the weekly activities that Give Opportunity offers. She enjoys the breakfasts and the math and computer science lessons held by volunteers.


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    Eliana has been working hard at school - check out her academic transcript!


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