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As a university student, I rarely have time to focus on much other than my studies. Whether it’s waking up late and rushing to class, or typing up last minute assignments, I am consumed in my own academic bubble. For me, going to university was never an option. The only dilemma I had in regards to going to college was which school I was going to attend: do I want a big school, where do I want to go to school, do I want a campus in the middle of nowhere, do I want an athletic school, do I want all four seasons. These were the concerns of my high school years; the question of whether or not I was going to attend college, however, was unquestionable.

Ramesh Rajakumar did not even think about attending university. His father, a tea farmer, barely brings enough for his family of five. Living in one of Sri Lanka’s poorest areas, Ramesh knew that college was not a fathomable goal for his life. While he is passionate about education, Ramesh did not even consider pursuing higher levels of education past his elementary years because of his family’s situation.

Fortunately enough for Ramesh, he was selected by the Sri Lankan government to attend Rajarata University, in the north of Sri Lanka. The government provides $25 out of the $50 needed to attend. While Ramesh has started his studies here as a Business Management major, he and his family struggles to keep in school. His future aspirations of becoming a college professor are dim due to his financial situation.

After reading Ramesh’s story, I could not help but think about the power of opportunity. For me, my parents, both university graduates, were able to provide me with the resources and opportunities to attend college. I had the chance to prove myself, to study, to do extra-curricular activities and apply to universities right after college. Ramesh was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to be selected at his nation’s university. However, now that he has the opportunity, he is struggling.

This is why I think Givology is so powerful. Givology gives people who have had opportunities, like me, the resources to give students around the world, like Ramesh, a chance at an education. As Givology’s mission is to make a tremendous difference in people’s lives, it ultimately strives at one thing: to give opportunities.

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