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    As a university student, I rarely have time to focus on much other than my studies. Whether it’s waking up late and rushing to class, or typing up last minute assignments, I am consumed in my own academic bubble. For me, going to university was never an option. The only dilemma I had in regards to going to college was which school I was going to attend: do I want a big school, where do I want to go to school, do I want a campus in the middle of nowhere, do I want an athletic school, do I want all four seasons. These were the concerns of my high school years; the question of whether or not I was going to attend college, however, was unquestionable. Ramesh Rajakumar did not even think about attending university . His father, a tea farmer, barely brings enough for his family of five. Living in one of Sri Lanka’s poorest areas, Ramesh knew that college was not a fathomable goal for his life. While he is passionate about education, Ramesh did not even consider pursuing higher levels of e...