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Project Complete: English Education at Bukomero Primary School

Global Peace Exchange (GPE)’s project at Bukomero Primary School began in 2008 to improve the English proficiency of teachers and students in an increasingly Anglophonic East-African job market. GPE has since provided resources in the form of books and computer software to improve English acquisition which is necessary for education advancement in the Rwandan education system. GPE has demonstrated success through the construction an English Language Library (named Groupe Scolaire of Bukomero by the school’s staff) and initiation of English Conversation Clubs. GPE hired a local Rwandan information technology and English specialist who skill training with teachers and students, continuing GPE programs. Primary and Secondary school student use the library for class activities as well as to check out books to study English at home. The library has begun to create a culture of reading among students, improving their English acquisition outside of the classroom. GPE has been able to raise funding to supply the library with 200 English books. However, due to the size of the school with 1500 students, students must wait long periods of time to check out books. Increasing the scale and size of the library is a pressing need among Bukomero students. Furthermore, since implementation, there has been some physical decay of the library itself, leading to the books being temporarily housed in another room of the school. While books are still being checked out, it is difficult for large numbers of students to access the book collection. With additional funding, the library, could be repaired and returned to full capacity.


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