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Every year SKIP provides school supplies and matierals which enable 320 children of primary and secondary age to go to school. For 2012, we were hoping to receive a grant to cover the costs, unfortunately this has not happened and we are increasingly concerned about how we will be able to make these payments as we do not have sufficient resources in the bank.

Our programme offers the provision of school materials and supplies to families as a conditional incentive in return for the participation of the children and their parents in workshops and educational activities at the SKIP Centre. The vast majority of our families are living in extreme poverty which means that they survive on an income of less than $1.20 per family member per day. As they struggle just to find enough money for food every day, there is not extra money to pay for school books and materials.

We have until the mid March 2012 to raise the funds necessary to pay for these school materials. For the givology campaign, we are hoping to raise enough to buy the children exercise books. The cost per child for 5 books will be 15 Peruvian soles/ $5.54. Therefore the total cost we need for the 320 children is $1772.00


SKIP is a UK and US registered charity working in the impoverished districts of El Porvenir and Alto Trujillo, located on the North Coast of Peru. SKIP's primary aim is to enable children living in this area to realise their right to an education.

In terms of theoretical framework, we understand that families are the
principal force in the lives of children and therefore work with the entire
familial unit. This holistic approach focuses on four pillars of family development: education, economically stable families, emotional well-being, and healthy and safe home environments.

SKIP believes that economically-disadvantaged families have the capacity to be the principal agents of change in their own lives and communities. As such, we work in partnership with the community to empower people to make sustainable changes in their own lives.


Participation in the Primary Education Programme throughout 2011 was 83%, compared to 69% at the end of 2010. 93% of the kids in Primary groups 1 & 2 improved their communication scores in SKIP testing at the beginning and end of the school year in 2011. According to 2011 IQ measurements, students already in SKIP had on average 5 points higher IQ scores than students who were new to SKIP.*

*This factoid doesn’t say anything about causality, but shows that there’s a significant relationship between IQ scores and participation in SKIP.

Families in the SKIP programme are four and a half times as likely to be registered for free Government health care, as other families living in the local area. Repayment rates on Microfinance loans sustained at an astonishing 98.5 % throughout 2011.

Team Credentials

SKIP has been working in Peru for almost 8 years. We have a large volunteer team numbering between 40-50 people. Around half our volunteers are local Peruvians and the rest are a mix of international volunteers from all over the world who bring their skills and experience to share. When possible, we also involve members of the SKIP community in service provision and so parents help to run the nursery and primary programmes.


  • A Few Pictures from SKIP!

    Neatly stacked journals ready to be graded. The children are eager to show off their English.