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Update from Dan Yuan: May 2009

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Dear aunts and uncles,

Hello! I have already received your generous donations. I'm very happy to be able to write to you again. First off, I have some good news to share with you: We've moved into a new school building, which provides a very good environment. All the students now live in dormitories, and everyone has settled in together rather well. Thank you to everyone who has helped me and given me the opportunity to go to this school to study.

Ever since I entered high school, I've found that the burden on my shoulders has become a lot heavier. Having left my parents, I now have to rely on myself. When I run into problems, I feel a little scared. Sometimes I nearly think of giving up. I don't have much experience, even though I know that what I'm facing are just a few of life's many bumps in the road. Thinking about how weak I am, and thinking about my hardworking parents, I feel helpless and guilty. But ever since I received your first donations, I've discovered that life isn't just one dreary day after another - behind the rain, a gorgeous rainbow is hidden. Your loving hearts have sprinkled some sunlight into my life and allowed me to receive some warmth and see some hope.

It's impossible for life to be without setbacks. Your love gives me courage, and helps me bravely face challenges and setbacks in school and in life. It's impossible for life to be without loneliness, we all will leave our parents some day to live on our own? Your love has taught me to be strong and mature, and to see a life that truly belongs to me.

Misfortunes are only temporary - this is an unchanging truth. Leaves spin downward through the air, composing a song of thanks - this is a tree's way of thanking the ground that brought it up. White clouds float through the sky, creating a moving picture - this is a cloud's way of thanking the sky that nurtured it. Because of thanks, we can have this colorful society; because of thanks, people can form genuine connections between one another; because of thanks, we can understand the true meaning in life. I believe in my future, and believe even more in the magic of love. Because I've made this choice, I can take my dreams and beliefs, my confidence and courage, and my grateful heart, to take a step onto the path that will lead me to my dream.

Dan Yuan

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