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Update from Dan Yuan!


I’m Dan Yuan, a first year high school student. I have received 500 RMB in funds as of May 15th.

First off, I would like to thank you for your help in my schooling and life. I live in a rural area, my parents are both farmers, and my family is entirely dependent on my father’s income from working temporary jobs. During last year’s earthquake, my home collapsed. Since my older brother was also preparing to graduate from high school, my father had no choice but to stay home. Not only did my parents have to worry about our home, but they were also concerned about our school fees, and as a result we fell into financial trouble. It was then that you guys lent a helping hand and the power of your good-will has enabled me to become hopeful again. Your generous donation has allowed me to regain my confidence and courage to face life’s ups and downs.

I have already spent a semester in high school, during which I have experienced many setbacks and disappointments, but I have also gained many more happy experiences. Perhaps high school life is long and arduous, but I am aware that these three years in high school will pave the way for the future. Therefore, regardless of the kind of hardship I face, I will continue to persist. Whenever I begin to lose confidence and courage, I will remember your selfless acts of help, which will be my motivation to move forward.

Overall, my grades have been satisfactory. However, I know that this is not my final goal. In the midst of intense competition, I can only succeed by working hard, withstanding challenges, and continually surpassing myself and others. In my studies and life, I will use confidence and courage to face the obstacles, find passion in my studies, and attain more outstanding grades.

There is one more thing I would like to share with you. Last winter, my old home was rebuilt and we have moved into our new house. My older brother has enrolled in his dream school and is continuing to work towards his goals. Also, my parents were incredibly moved when they heard about your help.

I’m sorry that you did not receive a prompt letter from me and would like to represent my family in saying that I am genuinely grateful for your help.

I wish for you good health and all the best!

Dan Yuan

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