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East Africa is in the middle of its worst drought in 60 years and the world’s worst food crisis of the 21st century. Areas of Somalia are facing famine, which is threatening to spread throughout Kenya. Already, food prices have doubled in Kenya and incomes have been cut dramatically due to reduced spending. Food is scarce and expensive, and incomes are unexpectedly disappearing at an alarming rate.

In addition to the incredible increase in food prices, Baraka Children’s Centre is facing incredible
decreases in the income generated by its own projects, such as the herbal medical clinic that is
run by our Founder and Director, Francis Kimaru. Though organizations like the UN and Save the Children are working hard to distribute food, there simply is not enough to go around.

Baraka Children’s Centre is appealing to you for your help in keeping our kids healthy and strong during this unexpected time of need. We aim to raise $3,000 to cover all rising food costs over the next three months, which will hopefully show the end of the drought.

It takes about $250 to support a child’s food during this difficult time. $85 will support a child to
eat for a month. $20 gives a child food for a week. Without adequate nutrition, concentration is nearly impossible for children in school. Providing them with food helps them do their best in school.


Baraka Children’s Centre (BCC) was founded as Positive Children’s Home in 2004 as a personal
initiative by Francis Kimaru and his wife Lydiah. In early 2011, we changed our name to “Baraka,”
which means “blessings” in Swahili. BCC cares for 12 orphaned and vulnerable children from the
area around Nyeri, Kenya. Francis’ own father had been an orphan raised in a children’s home, and his father’s experience inspired Francis to help children in vulnerable situations to lead happier and healthier lives.

Most of the children at BCC have parents who died of HIV/AIDS, and were left either with distant
family members unable to provide appropriate care or on the streets to fend for themselves.
Baraka Children’s Centre takes these children in, provides rehabilitation, and gives them a safe and loving family-based home environment. All expenses for the children are covered by the home: accommodation, food, clothing, school fees, medical costs, and personal items. In addition, the positive community spirit provides a family for these children, most of whom have no other source of love and support.

Though there have been droughts and difficult times in the past, Baraka Children’s Centre – along
with the rest of East Africa – has never experienced a drought as serious as this. Please join us in
supporting our children through this difficult time.


It is of the utmost importance to us at Baraka Children’s Centre that our children are healthy, both physically and emotionally. This project will ensure that even in this time of scarcity, our children
will not only remain well-nourished physically, but will also feel cared-for and have a sense of stability in their lives. It is our hope that, with your help, we will be able to continue supporting our
children to thrive, even during during this time of scarcity.

Team Credentials

The project team is led by Francis Kimaru, Founder and Director of BCC, who has extensive experience in caring and providing for the children at the centre.