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How to Send More than 10 Images at Once on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform of today. It has got many features to make your chatting experience convenient. But the official whatsapp has many restrictions. Below are some of the many restrictions of official whatsapp.
Restrictions on Official Whatsapp :
You cannot send more than 10 images at a time.
Sending a video file is restricted to 15MB.
You have a fixed theme. No option to change the look of the app.
Status is limited to 139 characters.
Many more restrictions are there.
GB Whatsapp :
A modded version of whatsapp is available on internet which is called as GB Whatsapp. It has got tons of amazing features. You can do all those things which you are restricted for in official whatsapp. You can install the GB whatsapp alongside the official whatsapp. That means without effecting the original whatsapp you can install and use GB Whatsapp with another number.
Features of GB Whatsapp :
Hide Online Status. Be Online but show others that you are offline.
Set any Last seen timestamp.
Hide Blue Ticks when someone reads your message. You can hide both single and double ticks.
Hide 'Writing', 'Recording' status.
Hide View Status - You name will not be shown if you have seen someone's status.
Send any file of up to 50MB size.
Images and Videos can be sent with high quality.
Status limit is increased from 139 to 255 characters.
Send up to 90 images at once.
Choose and apply different themes or customise the look with your choice of colours.
Your account will never get banned.
View the count of messages sent by a user in a group.
Copy the status of anyone with one click.
Set group name up to 35 characters.
Send broadcast message to up to 600 members instead of 250.
Convert videos to GIF.
Get an alert when some one changes their DP/Profile.
Schedule a message with date and time.
More Features will be updated with latest versions.
[url=][b]How to Download GB Whatsapp :[/b][/url]
There are many websites where you can see the GB Whatsapp download available. I recommend you to download from GB Whatsapp's official website. Below is the link from where you can download it.
Download GB WhatsApp
How to Install GB Whatsapp :
Once you download the GB Whatsapp, install and open it. If you already have official whatsapp installed, then while installing GB Whatsapp use a different number. Both whatsapp and GBWhatsapp use the same server and if you use same number then one of the whatsapp will be deactivated. Enter your mobile number and verity the OTP. If you have chat back up, restore it.

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