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Best in Class!

Congratulations to Daniel, who has completed his high school education as class valedictorian and has now moved on to university! Below you'll find few pictures and a letter from Daniel.

Here's the certificate stating that Daniel was the best student in his class (though it's a bit hard to make out):

His report card:

And him!

And, lastly, his letter to sponsor Eve:

Dear Eve:

How are you? I wanted to tell you that I have finished my first week as a university student and it is very nice. There are classes that really interest me and others that--it's not that I don’t like them, but rather they don’t grab my attention. I have 7 classes and they're all during the mornings

Now I don’t have that much to study during the first few days, but I have some items to go over.

Currently, besides that, I don’t have any other activities. Well, there are the Saturday activities of GO give an opportunity. The time that I have during the afternoons I use to play sports, watch television, search for things online. But I always prioritize the big responsibility of being a university student.

During this year at university, I would like to start visiting new places, museums, the zoo, the botanical garden and those places that we have related to the sciences.

As a last note, recently I have been having a great dream about becoming an actor, still, this is not a priority but dreams are dreams.

OK, this is all for now. I hope everything turns out well in your life.

Lots of kisses and I look forward to your answer,

Daniel Lopez

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