• STDs That Are Not Cureable

    What STDs are Not Curable When it comes to curing STDs or STIs, the biggest factor is whether or not the infection is bacterial or viral. For that reason, it’s easy to split STDs and STIs into two categories. On one side there are the curable ones, and on the other, there are the incurable ones. [b]Curable ones include syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and chlamydia.[/b] These four are bacterial infections and are usually taken care of with a doctor’s visit and a course of antibiotics. [b]The other four STDs or STIs are viral and are thus incurable. They include HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, herpes simplex virus, and HPV.[/b] Even though these four remain incurable, it's important to know that you have them and take the steps necessary to take care of symptoms and avoid passing them on to other individuals or sexual partners. Below is a list of symptoms for each one and the steps you can take to prevent further damage to your body: [url=]HIV...
  • Leadership Week at PS27 Ventures

    Custom Design Partners of Jacksonville, Fl attended leadership week by PS27 during [url=]their 2018 conference[/url]. Originally, we were skeptical, but the intense, 8am-8pm meetup was totally worth it. Day 1 was focused on business related communication Dat 2 was geared towards collaboration Day 3 was intended to help employees work together Day 4 entailed the keynote speaker, CEO of Black Knight Financial, of Jacksonville, FL, among others. Fantastic group of startups and people from across the world. We would absolutely attend this event again. We've been to plenty of business meetups, but nothing matches PS27 Leadership week. Check out our complete website at:
  • Marketing for nonprofits - Digital Marketing for Charity

    Our company at CustomDesignPartners partner with 503(c)(3) to increase their number of donations through online formats. Through our research, we realize there aren't enough nonprofits and charities utilizing online marketing to their benefit. A recent statistic showed a 60% donor increase in just several months, with half of those donations coming through online websites. Digital corporations such as Google and Microsoft offer an array of services to nonprofits, at little to no cost. For example, Google has a grant for up to $120,000 a year for their advertising platform. Microsoft offers numerous software and services for free or at a discount cost. [url=]Charity Marketing[/url] is one of the most valuable aspects a nonprofit can take. There are several avenues a charity must take to optimize their online strategies. First and foremost, you need to make sure your website is optimized. There needs to ...