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Dear donors of the PEACH Foundation:

Greetings! I am a freshman in high school, currently studying at Yanyuan Town Minzu Secondary School. My family has faced a lot of hardships, and my teacher said you are able to provide support to families in poverty. Therefore I’m submitting this application.

Let me tell you a bit more about my family conditions:

My family lives in Shuwen Town, Guanfang Village. There are four members in my family: my father, my mother, my brother and myself. Our house is made of soil. It’s not beautiful to look at but it is enough to shelter us. My parents are both farmers. Most of our income comes from farming and largely depends on our crop harvest. My father sometimes tries to find odd jobs to make some money, but they are mostly labor jobs and don’t provide much income.

My brother is in second grade of middle school and it costs a lot of money as well. My family has very little land, so we can only produce a small harvest every year. Our family doesn’t have an orchard or any farming machinery, so our income sources are even more limited. Even with the money my father earns from labor jobs, we only make a little more than three thousand RMB. This was just enough to cover my brother and my expenses during middle school. Now that I’m in high school and I live far from home, everything costs money. Things have only gotten worse since then.

However since I have been sent to school, I will cherish this chance and work very hard. We are village children and we can only change our destiny by doing well in school. This is the best and shortest way.


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