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DSXS Book Engine is a long-term project of creating a library for schools in rural China. A wide variety of reading materials, such as textbooks, novels, and magazines, will be sent to Mengshu Elementary School in Anhui Province. Other items and equipment, such as audio tapes and computers, will also be part of the library and benefit students and teachers.


In 2005, the DSXS project obtained and transferred over 4,500 books and 90 used computers to Gulang County in Gansu Province. In 2008, the project raised and donated 10,000 books to Huanggang Middle School in Wuhu, Anhui. Funding is needed to launch the project in Mengshu Elementary School.


Mengshu Elementary School does not have a library, and most students have extremely limited access to any kind of books. The library will provide them up to date learning materials, such as textbooks and audio tapes, as well as novels and stories to open their minds to new ideas.

Team Credentials

DSXS Book Engine has previously received support and book donations from middle schools in Beijing, publishing houses, and the Suzhou Library. The project has established libraries in two rural schools and benefited over 1000 young students.