• Spermatophyta : Definition, Example, Image, Type, Characteristics, Classification

    [b][i]Definition, Characteristics, and Classification of seed plants (Spermatophyta) Along example Completely[/i][/b] - Plants that exist in this world many kinds and[b]species[/b]. In plain view, plants can be divided into plants that produce seeds and plants that do not produce seeds. [b]Seed plants are[/b]also called [b][i] spermatophyta[/i] [/b] which can be divided into[b]closed seed plants[/b]([b][i] Angiosperms[/i][/b] ) and[b]open seed plants[/b]([b][i] Gymnosperms[/i][/b] ). Angiosperms itself is divided into plants into pieces one ([b]monocots[/b]) and two dashed plants ([b]dicots[/b]). The seed is a tool to preserve the relevant plant offspring. Seeds are usually produced by flowering plants. In addition to breeding, seeds are also a storage place for food reserves that are used by other organisms to meet their food needs. [url=][img]
  • Understanding and Examples of Explanatory Texts

    What is meant by the explanatory text explanation text ??? quoted from [url=][/url] - explanatory text is a text that describes the process or stages of "why" and "how" the occurrence of a phenomenon or event related to nature, social, scientific and cultural. Another opinion says that the definition of explanatory text is a paragraph or text whose contents explain an information about the process of the occurrence of a phenomenon, which is both natural phenomena, science, and social and cultural life. This type of text is also often found in science, geography and history books. [url=][img][/img][/url] Characteristics of Explanatory Text Explanatory text has certain characteristics that d...
  • Definition of Review Text

    Definition of Review Text, Examples, Characteristics, Objectives, Structure and Rules - As academic people, we certainly have to read scientific works, including books. When we read a book, we must digest the reading book carefully so that we can understand its contents. On the other hand, we need to communicate our understanding in various forms for presentation or writing needs, such as research proposals, research reports, scientific articles, final assignments, or thesis. Therefore, students need the skills to review books. [url=][img][/img][/url] Definition of Review Text quoted from [url=][/url] Review text is a text that contains reviews, ratings or reviews of ...
  • Ways to Spread Environmental Education Online

    [img],f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/ngdk2dheh2lwcv6tj6aa.jpg[/img] In various corners of the world, there are various campaigns going on related to spreading environmental awareness among people. It is the responsibility of every person to contribute to maintaining the balance in the environment. A number of environmental issues such as climate change and pollution can make it difficult for people to survive in the future. Hence, it is of utmost importance to spread environmental education among people. As we are living in the digital world, one can look for a number of ways to spread environmental education online. Writing Content on Websites and BlogsIn today’s digital world, almost everyone is connected to each other over the internet. People share content on various social media platforms with one another. If you work for an organization for the welfare of the environment, then you can build a website or a...