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To dear supporters,

After hearing your assistance of poor students completing their education, I am full of hope, happiness and respect to kind heart.

My name is Yong Qiang Chen, and I was born at E Zha village in Yuan Yang into a poor family, and I nearly dropped out of school. But through the insistence of my will, I stay in school. Now I am in middle school with good grade standing: out of 80 students in my class, I stay within top 5 students. I could have achieved better result; but due to our financial difficulty, and high living cost, your assistance will help me greatly. My mother gets sick frequently and my family all relies on my father's labor to earn a living; both of them are simple country folks. Due to our hardship my father looks much older than his age. Until we have better handle of our finance I keep facing the possibility of dropping out of school.

Until I accomplish my goal and bring honor to my parents, I have to strive hard and work incessantly. I enjoy attending school and my parents encourage me too. With some assistance, lighten our financial burden such that I can finish high school even university all depends on my personal perseverance. I plan to continue to High School, and my dream is to attend university one day, so are my parents. That's the reason I apply for your assistance, alleviate my family burden to stay in school and accomplish my goals. One day, when I become successful, I will follow your example and help other poor children. Last, let me sincerely thank you for your giving me such an opportunity, which I plan to make the best from it.


  • Scholarship Application

    Chen Yong Qiang is asking to renew his scholarship from Givology through the Peach Foundation. He is a very motivated student. Attached is his scholarship application, which includes his prior year's grades. [img]/images/user/2860_7450374155002723737.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2860_8411115808939968798.jpg[/img]
  • Thank You

    [img]/images/user/2860_12908059936573732725.jpg[/img] 11206 Dear Givology: Hello! I am glad to write to you before I enter college. I am Yongqiang Chen who always received your donation. Here I want to tell you that I have graduated from high school under your help and have become an undergraduate student. Before I start my new life, I want to thank you for your help, which I will never forget. I will also help others who need help. I hope you are healthy because I do not want you to work too hard and forget to rest. I will learn better if you are healthy. I am now one more step closer to success because of your help and love. I will keep working hard and will never give up. I will move on. Thank you, Yongqiang
  • Dear Givologist!

    [img]/images/user/2860_17506040101826064258.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2860_13381479597777163322.jpg[/img]
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