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Six years ago, my father mysteriously disappeared, leaving my mother to raise my sister and me by herself. Although my family owns a small parcel of land, my mother’s health conditions prevent her from actually laboring in the fields. To make ends meet, my family rents out our fields (and even parts of our home) to other farmers. Because my mother works in the city to earn an income for the family, I currently live with my grandmother. I do not see my mother except during the wintertime or under special circumstances. My younger sister lives with an uncle and currently attends elementary school.

(Translated from Chao's autobiographical sketch)


  • Chao Xu: Fundraising for Another Year!

    Givology is fundraising to support Chao Xu for another school year. As you can see from the letters, your contributions have really made a difference. Please continue to show your support! Unlike some of our other partners which provide a one-time grant to a student, the scholarships provided by the Peach Foundation last for two years in order to provide the children with a sustained period of education. In September, the children returned to school, and we are hoping to raise another $280 for the 2010-2011 year. One of the most innovative aspects of Givology is the opportunity to make connections across the world – both inspiring and being inspired by the children that you support. We sincerely hope you consider supporting Chao Xu again. Even if you choose not to make a financial contribution, we still urge you to send him a message that we can deliver. Words of encouragement can go a very long way!
  • Update from Chao Xu: Summer 2010

    See below for an update from Chao Xu. Please send him your messages of encouragement - in stressful times it can make all the difference. -- Dear Givology, Love, what a warm name! She brought the colorful sun, the tall-stranding trees, the striking footprints, and the powerful song. Givology is like this burning love, bringing me the hope and courage to fight against hardship. Therefore, I deeply thank you for the love you've given me. As to this past semester, I am very upset. Over winter break I had an operation for my sinus, which cost a lot, so our family's economic situation further deteriorated. Also my health hasn't been very good this semester, so I feel like life is tiring. However, I will not give up my education, for I want change, and I want success. My family is good, my sister is in middle school. Because of school, we don't see each other often. So I miss her and my family quite a lot at school. There's not much time for fun at school. I haven'...
  • An update from Chao Xu!

    See below for another letter from Chao Xu! We apologize that it has taken so long for Givology to receive and translate this letter. Please message him back to show your continued support! --- Dear Givology: My name is Chao Xu. I am extremely happy to receive letters from all of you. First of all, I really want to say thank you very much to all of you. I am also envious of you guys because I heard some of you are taking two art classes right now. I really don’t have much time to do things like that because I have to study a lot. I am a very normal kid from a rural family, but I am full of hope for my life. Therefore I am energetic and cheerful. I always think there will be a place for me when I grow up because I believe that when you have faith in what you are doing, you are likely to be successful. At my school, I really like to study Chemistry and Math. English is my favorite subject. I also like table tennis and wrestling. My dream is to be rich in the future and most importantly...
  • Translation of Chao Xu's letter

    Here's the translation of Chao Xu's latest letter! The Givology translation team hopes you will message Chao Xu back to show your continued support. -- Dear Givology, Hello! First of all, I am truly grateful that you are willing to share our sorrow, pain and joy. It’s been half a year. Everything is fine at school. Due to some financial problems, however, Peach Foundation can’t sponsor my sister before high school. My mother goes to see a doctor in Chengdu and works there in the mean time. If I got any problems, I can just call her. I live in the dorm and seldom go home. In fact, there’s no one there. My sister stays at my uncle’s place on weekends. As to school work, I think it’s much easier than that of last semester, but I still have some problems in English that I will have to work harder to improve. I love to play Ping Pong, but I hardly get the chance to play these days. I guess it doesn’t matter any more because I have tons of schoolwork to do. Now my biggest hope is ...
  • Update from Chao Xu: Dec 2009

    Here is a letter we recently received from Chao Xu. Our translation team is working hard to get an English version posted! In the meantime, please message him to show your continuing support! --