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Top 3 "virtual living" locations in Singapore

[b]1. Tiong Bahru[/b]
Tiong Bahru - a heritage town in the heart of Singapore will be a reasonable choice for those who wish to experience a Singapore in a different, traditional and peaceful Singapore, in contrast to the modern and bustling features available.

Here you will feel like you are gradually turning back time by combining an ancient and modern Singapore. It is not difficult for you to catch sight of people and tourists enjoying delicious coffee in old cafes, but when you step inside, you will be overwhelmed by their trendy.

[b]2. Garden by the fly[/b]
Located in the top 20 most checked-in locations in 2015, Garden by the bay attracts more than 30,000 visitors per day. The scene here will make you think of the movie Avatar with super trees (Supertree) that glows from 25 m to 50 m high, reflecting the image of a sparkling forest with mysterious and miraculous things. Come here in the evening to admire all the wonderful effects from the color party.
Make sure you bring a super camera to stand under this giant tree and get the whole scene. There are a lot of photos you can take, so spend a lot of time here.

You can freely enter the park area but it will cost you to go to the two Flower Dome greenhouses (there are 7 small gardens with a variety of different plants) and Cloud Forest (recreating the 42 m tall cloudy mountain, which is habitat of orchids, ferns, South American pineapple flowers and rose flowers).
[b]3. China Town[/b]
You will only completely see a bright red color the moment you arrive in Chinatown (Chinatown), will immediately be fascinated by the rows of lanterns and eye-catching decor. Chinatown in Singapore is a combination of cultural elements with bold Chinese traditions. The buildings here are designed similarly, from stalls, cafes to hotels.
The neighborhood is always crowded and bustling and if you spend time here you will have hundreds of photos of "virtual life" piling up with streets and colorful houses.
And you have to remember to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - a unique building located in the Chinatown. If only looking at the external structure, it is hard to believe that this temple has been built since 2007, extremely new and very timely. Come here in the evening, you will have to shoot nonstop.
Route details at: [url=]map quest[/url]

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