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3 places to visit when visiting Japan

Dubbed the "Kingdom of Flowers", Hokkaido is a paradise for those who love nature because the scenery is full of plants and hills, bringing a sense of peace in the soul. Visitors can soulfully enter the Irodori field with colorful flowerbed carpets typical in Hokkaido, or sunflower fields on Higashiyama hill.

Hokkaido is considered a paradise for those who love nature. Yamanashi Fruit Garden
The famous fruit garden Yamanashi Fruit is an interesting experience for all visitors arriving in Japan. Every summer, this fruit garden is filled with fruits such as grapes, cherry ... Guests can experience the feeling of hand-picking ripe fruits. This activity helps to connect people in the family and educate young children about nature love.

[b]Fireworks and Bon - Odori dance festival[/b]
Fireworks festival, also called Hanabi, takes place at the end of July and early August every year throughout Japan. This festival is usually held in rivers and lakes with open positions. One of the places with the most spectacular fireworks festival must include the Sumida River area which flows through Tokyo, with 20,000 fireworks being shot to the sky, attracting 900,000 participants.

In addition to the fireworks festival, visitors to Japan in August also have the opportunity to learn about the most famous dance in Japan, named Bon - Odori. This rite is usually held in the evening to commemorate grandparents and ancestors. Music must be fun and exciting to welcome their grandparents and ancestors. The Japanese believe that this dance helps them show respect for traditional values.

[b]Bon - Odori is a traditional Japanese dance.[/b]
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