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Beautiful places in Seoul can not be ignored

[b]Namsan Tower[/b]
Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower), built in 1969, is used as a Korean television and radio tower. After that, the tower was restored and repaired into a tourist destination of the city. With its unique culture and landscape, it is fast becoming one of the most beautiful places in Seoul to visit when it comes to Korea.

Arriving in Namsan, you are also impressed by the romantic atmosphere, filled with love breathing. There are iron fences filled with couples' love locks, as a witness to eternal happiness wishes. A romantic and interesting thing here is the "love seats" designed in the middle, creating closeness for the couple.
Namsan love tower also has an observatory, where you can see a shimmering Seoul from above. Or you can choose the unique "N Grill" revolving restaurant with a 360-degree rotation and admire every corner of the city. In order to witness a magnificent and brilliant Seoul light, choose the evening to go to the observatory. During the day, you can visit the Teddy Bear Museum and explore Korean culture. Of course, do not forget to visit souvenir shops and choose to buy a gift for relatives and friends!
[b]Cheonggyecheon Stream[/b]
One of the beautiful places in Seoul that you can't ignore is the Cheonggyecheon stream. The stream is nearly 6km long, flowing in the heart of Seoul city, South Korea. Walking around the spring, enjoying the fresh air, your soul will be relaxed and relaxed.

Contrary to the beauty and vitality of the present, the Cheonggyecheon stream has been buried for 47 years under the concrete layer of the bustling city. The idea of ??the stream was forgotten, but in the face of global warming, the government decided to restore the stream. Since then, Cheonggyecheon has become strong, becoming a stop for many tourists when traveling to Seoul, Korea. It is like a witness of history, witnessing ups and downs and becoming souls, representing the largest city in the land of kimchi.

Not only is the green space, Cheonggyecheon is also chosen as a major festival venue in spring and summer. Song, the most unique and shimmering must mention the lantern festival. Imagine hundreds of lanterns on the river, all blending together to create an artistic masterpiece of light and water. Enjoy the fanciful scenery, surely you will never be able to forget Seoul.

[b]Banpo Bridge[/b]
You love the light and the vibrant colors, do not ignore the Banpo Bridge. The bridge crosses the Han River and is recognized as the world's largest fountain bridge. It impresses visitors by nearly 1,000 sprinklers. Along with that is the LED lighting system which is decorated vertically on both sides of the bridge, creating a space filled with colors.

Combining with soft music, full of poetic space, attracting you forever. Enjoying the beautiful view of Seoul by Banpo Bridge, it will be even more wonderful to witness this peaceful, poetic moment with "that person". It's as romantic as Korean movies you watch on television.

[b]Gyeongbokgung Palace[/b]
Join the Korean tour, learn about the culture and nostalgia of a Korean past with ancient features of architecture, look to Gyeongbokgung palace. Gyeongbokgung is the largest palace in Seoul's royal buildings. The palace is divided into 3 main zones: main tidal activity area, living area and rest area and still preserves them.

Gyeongbokgung Palace Nostalgic place in Gyeongbokgung palace
The royal garden, ornamental plants, flowers are carefully trimmed, creating an attractive artistic space. In particular, Gyeongbokgung palace gives visitors the comfort and feel of harmony between people and nature. In contrast to the majestic, majestic exterior, the space here makes people like to slow down, enjoy the moment of peace in the soul.

A busy, hasty Seoul has a strange angle of peace. Samcheong-dong street, nestled behind bustling Jongno, gives the opponent a feeling of nostalgia and peace. As one of the beautiful locations in Seoul, Samcheong-dong is as shy as a teenage girl, waiting for people to explore.

Almost separate from the hustle outside, this small street doesn't have too many shops. However, there are still some small shops for food or fashion that serve tourists. Whenever tired, look here, sip a cup of hot coffee, watch the trees
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