• Top 3 "virtual living" locations in Singapore

    [b]1. Tiong Bahru[/b] Tiong Bahru - a heritage town in the heart of Singapore will be a reasonable choice for those who wish to experience a Singapore in a different, traditional and peaceful Singapore, in contrast to the modern and bustling features available. Here you will feel like you are gradually turning back time by combining an ancient and modern Singapore. It is not difficult for you to catch sight of people and tourists enjoying delicious coffee in old cafes, but when you step inside, you will be overwhelmed by their trendy. [b]2. Garden by the fly[/b] Located in the top 20 most checked-in locations in 2015, Garden by the bay attracts more than 30,000 visitors per day. The scene here will make you think of the movie Avatar with super trees (Supertree) that glows from 25 m to 50 m high, reflecting the image of a sparkling forest with mysterious and miraculous things. Come here in the evening to admire all the wonderful effects from the color party. Make sure you bring a sup...
  • 3 places to visit when visiting Japan

    [b]Hokkaido[/b] Dubbed the "Kingdom of Flowers", Hokkaido is a paradise for those who love nature because the scenery is full of plants and hills, bringing a sense of peace in the soul. Visitors can soulfully enter the Irodori field with colorful flowerbed carpets typical in Hokkaido, or sunflower fields on Higashiyama hill. Hokkaido is considered a paradise for those who love nature. Yamanashi Fruit Garden The famous fruit garden Yamanashi Fruit is an interesting experience for all visitors arriving in Japan. Every summer, this fruit garden is filled with fruits such as grapes, cherry ... Guests can experience the feeling of hand-picking ripe fruits. This activity helps to connect people in the family and educate young children about nature love. [b]Fireworks and Bon - Odori dance festival[/b] Fireworks festival, also called Hanabi, takes place at the end of July and early August every year throughout Japan. This festival is usually held in rivers and lakes with open posi...
  • Beautiful places in Seoul can not be ignored

    [b]Namsan Tower[/b] Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower), built in 1969, is used as a Korean television and radio tower. After that, the tower was restored and repaired into a tourist destination of the city. With its unique culture and landscape, it is fast becoming one of the most beautiful places in Seoul to visit when it comes to Korea. Arriving in Namsan, you are also impressed by the romantic atmosphere, filled with love breathing. There are iron fences filled with couples' love locks, as a witness to eternal happiness wishes. A romantic and interesting thing here is the "love seats" designed in the middle, creating closeness for the couple. Namsan love tower also has an observatory, where you can see a shimmering Seoul from above. Or you can choose the unique "N Grill" revolving restaurant with a 360-degree rotation and admire every corner of the city. In order to witness a magnificent and brilliant Seoul light, choose the evening to go to the observatory. Dur...
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