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Deyo Foundation to Launch a 2020 Project in Northwest Illinois to Help with Reforestation

The Deyo Foundation announces that they will be launching a new project in 2020 that will focus on helping with reforestation. The non-profit organization plans on working with local conservation groups to plant 10,000 trees this
coming spring. Less than 1/10 of the original forests exist today in Illinois. The destruction of healthy forest systems causes a plethora of problems from around the globe. Trees offer a habitat for animals, erosion, control flooding, and
sanitize water sources. It also aids in refilling the soil along with the nutrients required for farming.
“I know planting 10,000 trees will not solve this problem, but we have to take that first step and hopefully this springboards into a larger scale,” said Program Coordinator, Mason C. Deyo. Their goal is to make it simple for individuals to understand the significance of trees and to make it even simpler to get trees in the ground.
The family-led nonprofit organization wanted to highlight the vital work their planting project plan to do. They also strive to get more companies opting at tree planting as a way to give back to the community. Their partners will pick
the best tree species to plant based on the project. They will work along with the local communities in Illinois to get them in the ground.
As a new generation takes on leadership roles within the families philanthropic organization they plan to focus more on environmental causes. The Deyo Foundation will continue funding education and veterans programs as well.
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