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Eight Things to know about Windows Replacement

So, you are considering Window Replacement Tulsa for your home? It is the time of year to buy windows, and with the [url=][color=#414141]gov[/color][/url][url=][color=#414141]ernment’s stimulus tax credit[/color][/url] coming to an end in December, you can save a lot of money. Depending on your reason for buying it could be the best time ever to purchase. Of course, as a saavy consumer you are doing your due diligence first and educating yourself. Did you know there are over 10,000 companies involved in the manufacturing process for vinyl replacement windows in North America?
Why, in the U.S. alone there are around 1,000 actual vinyl window manufacturers! You may want to consider hiring someone to compile all that research for you!
Hopefully, we can help…We have researched, sold and installed thousands of replacement windows across the Southeast. Currently, we spend most of our time teaching home improvement dealers, builders and homeowners just like yourself how to evaluate home improvement products, with a specific emphasis on vinyl replacement windows.
Over the course of the next week or so we are going to highlight the 8 critical areas to consider before purchasing you stuff from [url=]Window Replacement Tulsa[/url].
1. Aesthetic Engineering –A recent survey tells the story that consumers are placing as much value on looks as energy efficiency when it comes to replacement windows.
2. Frame Material, Construction and Insulation–The best materials, construction and whether or not insulation is worth it.
3. Sash Structure and Security–Security is a big consern when considering Window Replacement Tulsa
4. Air Leakage or Infiltration–The biggest “dirty little secret” in the replacement window industry.
5. The Window’s Engine–Most people don’t know about, or pay a lot of attention to this.
6. Options–After all, it is about getting what you want isn’t it?
7. The Insulating Glass System–The glass IS important, but it doesn’t matter without the right supporting cast.
8. The Warranty–In this economy, you had better make sure that you have the right manufacturer’s warranty.

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