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Natural Teeth Whitening methods: Fact or Fiction?

Teeth whitening is a procedure available at any dental surgery across the globe, but unfortunately most of the options range from pricey to downright expensive, meaning that many people have looked for natural alternatives to this expensive and chemical driven process. However, in some of these cases the effectiveness of the natural remedy can stray from not very to quite well to actually harmful. Below is a list of the most popular home natural teeth whitening remedies and their effectiveness:
[b]Peroxide[/b] – often an ingredient in whitening toothpaste, some people try to achieve white teeth by gargling with peroxide and brushing their teeth with it. Yet it should be noted that the peroxide formula available at the local chemist will be less potent then what it used in teeth whitening products for your own safety. Just by rinsing you mouth with peroxide and rinsing again with water should give you some level of results.
[b]Baking Soda[/b] – a very popular method whereby you can mix one teaspoon of baking soda with some water and brush it onto your teeth. Results can be very impressive but caution needs to be taken so as you do not brush too vigorously and damage the enamel. Baking soda is also excellent at killing plaque-causing bacteria and minimising acid build up.
[b]Apple Cider Vinegar[/b] – a great product to use on your hair as well, apple cider vinegar is a popular option for teeth and is often included in a range of teeth whitening products. Use by mixing with soda and forming a paste and applying.
[b]Wood Ash[/b] – believe it or not, the ash left from hardwood fires is quite a good bleaching agent that will whiten your teeth. However there are high levels of potassium also within wood ash which can damage teeth so this is not recommended.
[b]Lemon Juice[/b] – often used a lightening agent on the hair and body, is also spouted as a great alternative for teeth whitening. While the natural bleaching properties will brighten your teeth if you brush your teeth with the juice or rub the peel across your teeth, the high acid levels will also damage the enamel and often causing calcium to decline within the tooth.
[b]Strawberries[/b] – a process whereby you crush up the strawberry and smear across the teeth and let sit for a few minutes, strawberries offer quite good results. However they too have high levels of acidity and can damage the tooth enamel and calcium like lemon juice. If opting for this option, it is imperative to wash your mouth out after you have finished.
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