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My kite trips to the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka

I have visited many kitesurfing spots in the world, but I never saw such and amazing kitesurfing spot like Vella island, located In Kalpitiya-Sri Lanka. This kite spot is located one hour north from Kalpitiya and the kitesurfing conditions there are probably the best in the world. I discovered this island while I was organizing my kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka. I read many good reviews about Vella Island and that´s why I decided to go to Sri Lanka for my kitesurfing trip. I heard that [b][url=]Vella Island is not only one of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka[/url][/b], but also in the world
Vella island is an incredible kite spot in Sri Lanka to progress in kitesurfing because the wind is very good over there and the water is very flat. If you really want to improve your tricks don´t doubt and go to Vella Island. By the other hand, there are no hotels or kite schools over there. What people normally do is get a bout from Kalpitiya and go back on the same date. However, you can also organize in ne resort or kite school in Kalpitiya and sleep in one of the fishermen huts
Actually, Vella Island in not the only good kite spot in Sri Lanka. The kalpitiya lagoon is also the main and most famous kite spot in Sri Lanka and probably one of the best kite spots to learn kitesurfing. There are many kitesurfing schools in Kalpitiya and that´s because you can learn faster here than in other kite spots.
Other kite spot worthy to go is the Dream Spot, where the wind is even more constant than in Kalpitiya lagoon. There is nothing in the Dream spot apart from a fisherman hut so take many water and food with you if you do a kite trip to the Dream spot[b]. [url=]The Dream spot is one of the most authentic kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka[/url][/b]. There is one eco resort near the Dream Spot but it is under developing right now
The Donkey point in Kalpitiya is a kite spot located 10 km south and it is a very good spot to kite in the ocean. In my case I just when one time and I found that the wind there is stronger and more constant that in KAlpitiya lagoon, however I preferred to kite in flat water rather than in the oceam, that is the reason that I only when there one time. The Navy point is located in a cape and the navy is controlling all the area.
There is another kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka yet not really known up to now called Ippantivu island. Only few kite schools organize kite trips to Ippantivu island. This island have been projected by the government to become a high class resort in future. Up to now , the kitesurfers can enjoy its flats waters but in future nobody know what is going to happen regarding the government project. I recommend going for a kite trip to this island as it is quite like Vella island but smaller. The good part is that nowadays you won´t see many kitesurfers over there, so it is one of [b]the most authentic kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka[/b]
In Sri Lanka there are many kite spots and specially around kalpitiya is where you will find most of the best kitesurfing spots

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