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What are the indian cows ??

[b]The cow is[/b] an important animal which is always found everywhere in the world. We humans get milk from the cows that is used in our food products. Hindu call it 'Mata' (Gumata). Bull (MALE) grow up and pull the cart in the field.
In India, the significance of cow is believed to be from the Vedic period. Initially cow was used as a medium of exchange and exchange, and the prosperity of man was calculated from its population. Even with Hindu religious view, the cow has been considered sacred.

[b]Information related to pregnancy in the cow[/b]

· Sex [b]period[/b] - throughout the year, and more in the summer
· [b]The time of heat arrival in the year[/b] - every 18 to 21 days (not on pregnancy); 30 to 60 days (after prenzy)
· [b]Artificial insemination and semen time[/b] - 12 to 18 hours after the commencement of the period
· [b]Time for pregnancy test[/b] - 60 to 90 days of vaccination of artificial [b]pregnancy[/b]
· [b]Gestational[/b] - Cow 275 to 280 days; Buffalo 308 days
Number of cows in major countries The total number of cows in the world is estimated to be 13 trillion (1.3 billion). The table below gives the number of cows in different countries in 2009
[b]Region / Country[/b]
[b]Number of cows[/b]
[b]The European Union[/b]
[b]South Africa[/b]
[b]Cow Products[/b]
There are a lot of products made from cow milk. Cow milk is used in a lot of food products in India. If you need any products like giloy mati, [url=]goseva[/url], and pathmeda, you can contact through their website.

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