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Why I prefer floating mats to small boats?

Why I prefer floating mats to small boats?
I love to visit the seashore or any lake whenever I got a chance or any break from work. For enjoying more, I also have bought a small boat that is lovely while my picnics. I enjoy fishing and long moves in deep waters when I want some recreation after long working days. Often my friends also join me these recreational activities. One of my such trips I saw a family enjoying on sea surface using a floating mat that amazed me. I closely observed them and decided to check this product for my self.
I searched in the market and found a large variety in these floating mats. Different sizes with different load capacities were available. The facts I revealed about these mats made me their hardcore fan. Further on using the floating mat in my water trips I fell in love with this product. I found the following points that favour the mate more.

The very first point is the pricing of boats and floating mat. There is a huge difference. Mats are much less costly than a boat even of a small size. The giant floating mat can be bought at less price than a vessel for two or three people.

[b]Holding and Moving[/b]
The next point that makes it lovely is its folding capacity. Just roll down it in a smaller cylinder and place it on your car top for easy transport. It cannot be practised for boats. The carrying of vessels for your tours is quite tricky and hectic. It does not need any extra space or garage to keep it. You can easily manage it in your ordinary storeroom.

[b]Enjoyment and relax[/b]
The floating mats allow you almost all the tasks that you can do while having a boat. The water rugs additionally provide you with the facility of walking and floating on water. It gives you the feeling to be in the water. Several fun making activities can be performed on [url=]water mats[/url] with your friends and family.

Another benefit is the durability of water mats. No doubt, boats are also durable, but they need special taking care to keep them functional. On the other hand, due to the polyvinyl nature of the material that has a good deal of water resistance, there is no chance of rusting and decaying of your floating mats. It does not require regular maintenance activities and painting to keep it safe from weather effects.

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