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There are more than 2000 dog breeds in the world. These dogs have different types and purposes. Some dogs are for hunting as well as rescue purposes and some are used as a guard dog or watchdogs. Some dogs are bought to have company, while some dogs are used as working dogs just like a Siberian Husky. Some dogs are small and some are large dogs. Also, there is a type of dog which is too small and is known as Teacup dogs.
That was some basic information about the dogs. Now we are going to our main topic that whether the Purebred dog is better or a Mix breed. First of all, I would like to explain 'What are Purebred and Mix Breed dogs?
[b]Purebred[/b] dogs are the dogs with both purebred parents of the 'same breed'. For example, German Shepherd is a purebred dog because it is bred by two male and female German Shepherds.
[b]Mix breeds[/b] are those dogs which we get by crossing two different purebred or mix breeds of dogs. We can mix two purebreds, one purebred with a mix breed dog or even two mix breeds of dogs to get a new mix breed puppy. It is also possible to mix more than two breeds of dogs to get a new dog, having the characteristics of all breeds crossed. [url=]Adorable Bernedoodle is an example.[/url]
[b]Purebred or Designer dogs?[/b]
Below I am going to explain the Pros. and Cons. of both of these types of dogs. After reading that you have to determine 'which type of dog is better for you?'
[b]Mix breed dogs[/b]
People say that designer dogs have better health chances because they inherit the best of their parent's traits.
Everyone likes to have a new thing. These dogs have new and unique looks.
These dogs can become a purebred dog in the future.
Mostly, the designer puppies are budget-friendly and cheaper than purebred dogs.
[b]Purebred dogs[/b]
The people which are in favor of purebred dogs say that the crossbreeds are nothing more than mutts. It is not good to cross different breeds of dogs. They give the following reasons in favor of their statement:
Mix breed dogs size and age is unpredictable while we know the age and size of the purebred dogs.
It is difficult to predict the characteristics of the new breed.
Mix breeds can have difficulties in birth due to size differences of damsires.

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