Christina Nade's Blog

Tanzanian Children's Fund Student Update!

Below is an update from the Tanzanian Children's Fund! We're excited to share her uplifting personality has aided her academics as well as the communities she interacts with.
Christina passed the Form 2 National Exam! And has started Form 3 at St. Theresa Secondary School. Christina’s presence is missed at the village while she is away at school. Ever the lovable goofball, she is positive, helpful, and a joy to have around. Christina loves to be with friends, watch movies, and read. She likes reading scary books like “Goosebumps,” but you won’t ever catch her watching any scary movie! She likes to imitate different accents she hears and try different voices, though not in front of too many people. But if it would make you happy and make you laugh, she would do it for you!

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