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I go home once a month as my home is far away and I cannot afford to go home more often due to the bus fare. My mom is a farmer and my father is very sick. We are also 40,000 RMB in debt due to borrowing money for paying for my father's hospital bills.


  • Hello Givology community! - Chen Li Jiao

    Dear Givology community, My family lives in a very remote mountainous village. When I was in the 2nd grade, my father became disabled due to an incident. My family borrowed a large sum of money to have my dad treated. At the time my second elder brother and I were both going to school. I was in 2nd grade and he was in 6th grade. When the accident happened to my dad, due to the extreme financial difficulty, my brother discontinued his school. Our family was categorized as “Extreme Poverty” family, nevertheless the subsidy we received was meager and it was only a few hundred RMB (around $50 dollars). The subsidy could not even cover the school supplies for my brother and me. My dad’s eyesight suffered severely after the accident. In addition where we live was so mountainous and isolated, we did not let my dad to work in the field. Therefore the income was very unstable. Especially this year, because of the weather our harvest was not even half as last year. Because of the financial si...


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