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Development Trend Of Juice Production Line Equipment

In recent years, juice and vegetable juice consumption will grow at a rate of 5%. As more and more people are engaged in the [url=][u]Juice Processing Plant[/u][/url] business, juice manufacturing equipment has ushered in a boom period.
Currently, high-tech juice manufacturing equipment is usually from Germany, the United States, Italy and Sweden. Japanese juice equipment is growing rapidly and has a place in the world market.
A complete juice production line consists of a fruit sorter, washing machine, lift, crusher, pulper, juicer, thickener, sterilizer, filling machine and so on. As for different fruits, the production process is different. The following are their types and functions.
Juice manufacturing equipment
Ordinary juice making equipment
Fruit Lift: Used to transfer fruit from low to high and connect two adjacent programs. Usually placed between the fruit sorter and the washing machine or after the fruit sorter.
Fruit Washer: Divided into fruit surf cleaner and brush spray cleaner. Used for cleaning and rough selection of fruits and vegetables, especially those that are difficult to clean, such as carrots.
Fruit crusher: divided into hammer crusher and squirrel cage crusher. Primary pulverizer for fruits and vegetables.
Preheater: used to soften raw materials, eliminate enzymes, and protect color.
Fruit pulper: used for pulp and extracting juice or puree such as mango, peach, strawberry, apricot, tomato, raspberry and kiwi.
Fruit pulper
Juicer: Includes a spiral juicer and a belt juicer. It is suitable for kernel fruits such as apples, pears and mangoes, and has a high juice yield.
Vacuum concentrator: including rising film concentrating pan and falling film concentrating pan, external circulation jam concentrating machine.
Tube sterilizer: uses steam, hot water and cold water as heat transfer agents for medium and low viscosity materials.
Aseptic filling machine: equipped with a sterile room. Complete the process of capping, canning, metering and sealing.
Juice production line features
Complete system: covering the entire process from raw materials to packaged products, including fruit cleaning, lifting, sorting, crushing, juicing, preheating, enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration, concentration, mixing, degassing, homogenization, sterilization, filling and package. Suitable for the production of clear juice, turbid juice, concentrated juice and jam.
Equipment independence: Considering working conditions, most of these equipment can work independently or in juice processing plants. The power supply can also be separated to save energy.
High-tech: Juice manufacturing equipment uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure scientific design, compact structure and beautiful appearance.
Orderly layout: In order to facilitate display and operation, the pipelines are arranged in order and the layout is reasonable. Each unit is an independent program.
Multi-functional: It can realize the industrial production of juice and show the whole process of juice production. In addition, it can be used to study juice processing formulations, additive applications and sample testing.
Development trend of production equipment for [url=][u]Juice Production Line[/u][/url]
High speed, high quality and high precision
In order to adapt to large-scale production and achieve better economic benefits, juice production equipment is becoming more and more automated. The production capacity has been greatly improved.
Used multiple times in a single set of equipment. Fruit pretreatment equipment is suitable for a variety of fruits. At the same time, the sterilizing filling machine works well on tea, coffee and milk.
This is the most important trend in juice making equipment. The controller system uses a programmable controller. Large devices controlled by a computer can achieve self-diagnosis and intelligent adjustment.

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