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PEF Juice Production Line Fresh Squeeze Is More Fresh

On-site pulsed electric field (PEF) treatment can increase the output of [url=][u]Juice Processing Plant[/u][/url] and effectively preserve fresh juice before storage. In addition, PEF uses low temperatures, low energy and reduced processing time.
Pulsed electric field (PEF) treatment is a promising technology for juice producers to supplement traditional production methods. It can be used as a pretreatment on existing production lines for two purposes: to increase extraction rates and/or as an alternative to thermal pasteurization to maintain nutrition and taste. PEF makes everyday production safer and helps reduce the energy costs of steam generated in pasteurization.
Extraction rate
Various juice removal systems were used to characterize the effect of PEF treated fruit puree on the extraction rate of the press. On a pilot scale, a continuous working single belt press was used for apple juice pressing. Compared to the conventional process, the yield is increased by 3.8 - 6.6% according to the particle size of the mash. The PEF-treated strawberry was pressed with a pneumatic filter press and the extraction rate was increased by nearly 5%.
PEF can also be used as a low temperature method to reduce bacteria and yeast in fresh juices without affecting taste and nutrition. PEF has been found to be beneficial for apple, cherry and strawberry juices. The initial microbial concentration in freshly squeezed juice is as high as 10,000 per ml. Depending on the fruit, PEF reduces the concentration by up to 6 Log10 cycles (1,000,000 times smaller) without the need for heat treatment. Even at low energy consumption (60kj / kg), freshly squeezed juice from the [url=][u]Juice Production Line[/u][/url] is free of bacteria and yeast.

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