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Let Your Fruit Juice Production Line Reduce Waste

Once the milk reaches the [url=][u]Milk Processing Plant[/u][/url], it is processed into dairy products. Milk is used in yogurt, cheese, butter, butter or dessert. Or we turn them into ingredients for other food manufacturers. Quality and safety are guaranteed by quality service staff working in accordance with international standards. We are also committed to reducing energy (by 2% per year) and water annually during the production process. The waste is separated and the wastewater is purified in many factories. For example: from the sun, wind or biomass, and as much as possible from our own farm. Each plant has a goal of consuming less energy and water. Our products and packaging are made from responsible raw materials such as soy, cocoa and palm oil.
Our experts research and develop the unique ingredients and properties of milk every day. By doing so, we see a broader perspective and have a better understanding of the nutritional value of milk and its impact on all stages of our lives. Our researchers are committed to making new products or applications for milk ingredients. They are also researching new sustainable packaging and better production processes that require less energy or water.
Milk is a natural source of nutrients: protein, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, potassium and vitamin B2 as well as vitamin B12. This makes it part of a balanced diet and part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
As the health concept of modern consumers continues to deepen, the demand for milk and juice products continues to increase. Choose Jimei Machinery to make your [url=][u]Fruit Juice Production Line[/u][/url] more efficient and reduce unnecessary waste.[img]moz-extension://4f2ad537-4e5e-4a9d-afa3-092e093e7146/img/informenter-marker-1.png[/img]

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