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Three percent of cancer associated with smoking three 20 people most need to guard against More than 30 percent of cancer associated with smoking, both active smoking and passive smoking can cause cancer, in which the lung is the most vulnerable to damage parts of tobacco, more than 80% of lung cancer related to smoking, smokers risk of lung cancer are non-smokers 8 times to 12 times; the risk of non-smoking women whose husband was smoking increases [url=http://www.]cigarettes online[/url] the risk of lung cancer by 30%. The earlier [url=http://www.]marlboro cigarettes[/url] the age of smoking initiation, smoking years longer, the greater the amount of smoking, lung cancer risk is also greater. Especially the "three 20" crowd, that smoking more than 20 years, 20 years of age start smoking and smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day, they are at high risk of lung cancer.Buy cigarettes online in our cheap online cigarettes wholesale store. Smoking Another misunderstanding is also worthy of attention, and now many people believe that the cigarette filter tips prevent inhalation of harmful substances, thereby reducing the incidence of lung cancer. In fact, cigarettes with a mouth to mouth never, not only did not let lung cancer incidence rate has dropped, but to make lung disease spectrum has changed. Currently in clinical lung cancer patients with adenocarcinoma accounting has replaced squamous cell carcinoma, became the first, and adenocarcinoma with the "small lesions, great shift" feature, [url=http://www.]newport cigarettes[/url] more dangerous than squamous cell carcinoma. Cause of lung cancer are two types of change, improve one diagnostic methods to improve the detection rate of lung cancer; the other reason is that tobacco types of changes, the filter cigarette lighter installed, smokers will suck too relatively deep, dark smoke increases lung tissue exposed to hazardous substances in time, thus increasing the incidence of lung adenocarcinoma.Our Online Cigarettes Store offers Marlboro and Newport cigarettes wholesale service. Experts remind the general public, quitting smoking is one [url=][img][/img][/url] of the most effective ways to prevent cancer. Quit quit early "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" than later, even middle-aged quitting will decrease the risk of cancer, while protecting women and children from around secondhand smoke; cancer patients should immediately stop smoking, it is a good treatment and the consolidation effect, but also the prevention Other cancers caused by smoking. In addition to quitting as soon as possible outside should have regular screening for lung cancer.Cheap Online Cigarettes Wholesale Store.


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