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The Tanzanian Children's Fund needs to build more classrooms to accommodate a growing student body at Oldeani Secondary School. This funding will provide 3 new classrooms and 2 teachers offices as our community's students rise to new educational heights!


In Oldeani, Tanzania, the majority of students historically stopped after Primary School and became farmers and/or coffee pickers. After 10 years of partnership with Gyetighi Primary School, pass rates and health metrics have sky rocketed and today 100% of Standard Seven students are graduating and proceeding on to Secondary School. As these students begin to flood the halls of the Secondary School and continue to graduation, we need to be able to accommodate more students in comfortable classrooms conducive to learning and provide offices for the high quality teachers we recruit.


The Tanzanian Children's Fund has been in partnership with the government school of Oldeani Secondary for four years. Our primary goals are to eliminate corporal punishment, increase local teacher capacity and provide a high quality, free education to the youth of Oldeani ward. The more students that complete Secondary School, the more will build brighter futures.

Team Credentials

TCF employs trusted local craftsmen for all construction projects.