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It has been a while since we received the donation from Givology and we figured it was about time to show some photos of the construction work that we were able to do.
The two rooms have been completed with windows and doors. One is now a staff room where we are able to prepare classes and store materials.


The other room has been used as a classroom for children to study [img]/images/user/2032_15726065340524467758.png[/img] and also a training room for parents and carers when they come to SKIP for workshops hosted by the social work team.


In July 2016 we were also treated to a new paint job by a group of volunteers from Leeds University in the UK. As you can see from the photo, they weren't quite able to reach the upper levels for the painting, but we're sure you'll agree that the overall effect is still to create a fun learning environment for the children of which they are very proud.


Huge thanks to Givology for providing the resources we needed to be able to secure our office making these rooms secure, ready to provide an appropriate learning environment for the children.



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