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Update from SKIP Peru

As winter began in Peru this May 2011, SKIP launched a project with Givology to raise money for windows and doors for our newly constructed rooms. When funding for the project did not come through as expected, we had been forced to start using one of the rooms as a classroom in January as we simply did not have enough space for all the children!

Throughout summer the lack of windows and doors was not too much of a problem as it was warm and the extra ventilation was fine. As winter began, though, the children were getting cold during their lessons and were finding it hard to concentrate. The mothers who also have meetings in one of the rooms were also complaining that they were getting very cold as they sat and listened to the workshops.

We launched the Givology project as quickly as possible and 2 months later were relieved when we reveived a huge donation of more than half the money we needed which completed the appeal and meant that we could start work.

We have now completed putting windows in all of the rooms. In addition to providing much needed warmth, blocking out the draft, this has also made the SKIP Centre much more secure. In two weeks, we will begin work on the doors and shall be sending in pictures of these to Givology as they are completed.

We would like to thank all the people who made donations and also Givology for their ongoing support.

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