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Cristian Camilo is 11 years old. His family is made up of his mother and himself. His father abandoned his mother before he was born so his mother has to work to sustain the family. Cristian Camilo lives in his grandmother’s house because his mother does not own one. Eight other people live in the house where he lives. The family’s income comes from selling crackers on the street, a job his mother does daily two hours away from home. His mother sells approximately USD $7 dollars every day and with that money she pays for food, clothing, utilities, and health and school expenses. Not having a full time job is a real challenge for Cristian Camilo’s mother because there are days when she does not sell anything and still has to cover expenses that cannot be postponed.

Cristian Camilo likes to go to school; he is one of the smartest students in his class. His favorite subjects are science, physical education, math and religion. He dreams of becoming a doctor, an accountant or a pilot. In the future he would also like to buy a house where he and his mother can live.


  • A Letter rom Cristian!

    Bogota June 28, 2015 Dear and beloved Godparents, Warm Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. My wish is that you are receiving the richest blessings in your everyday life. I'm writing to you to tell you that I'm studying at the same school and now I'm on 10th grade. As everything in life, starting is hard, but with God's help I know I can get adapted to all these changes. We got our first period grades. I got low grades on Technology and trigonometry, but I know I'll be able to get better grades next period. I think there are harder things in life and that helps me to put the best of me. My passion is music, it makes me feel very good and I occupy my time doing the things that I like. I also play at the church every Sunday during the worship service. Thanks. God bless you! Cristian Camilo
  • Report Card

    Attached is a progress report for Cristian Camillo. He is a very diligent student who has excelled through his education, with your support. [img]/images/user/2089_11312479488292087906.jpg[/img] Cristian is doing very well in his Art classes. As well, he has excellent grades for his Religious Education. Cristhian seem to have a particular interest in Technology, such as working with computer and other electronics. He has awesome grades! Good job, Christhian! Interpreted by Givology Volunteer, [url=]Frida Herrera[/url].
  • First Letter of 2015!

    Attached is Cristian Camillo's first letter of 2015! If you are interested in writing a response, please do so! We can provide translation services if necessary. [img]/images/user/2089_5025065778769449503.jpg[/img] Bogota 17 October 2014 Dear Sponsors: A cordial salutation in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The truth is that I am a little bit embarrased as I am writing to you. I feel a little bit sad for not accomplishing the goals I had in mind. I have had a very bad time at school. I have tried my best, but it seems impossible at times. I hope to be better next year. I have experience poor time management,, sometimes time just runs out. As well, things out of my control have come up. Nevertheless, I write to you to tell you that I am hopeful. I am sure that I will be able to go back in track. I really want to be a model citizen. I ask for your forgiveness and I promise you that I will not let you down. I am greateful to God and with you for your help. God bless you always. ...
  • 2014 Report Cards

    [img]/images/user/2089_16965066712611764739.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2089_3843506880141322664.jpg[/img] Student: Cristhian Camilo Second Grade School: Fundacion Don Bosco Daniel is very good at Environmental and Social Sciences. He is very good at geography, as he can identify many geographical spaces on a map. One of this his biggest strengths is Art, especially music. Cristhian is able to understand accords in high and low notes. As well, his has mastered basic 4:4 rhythms for different instruments. He needs to work on his team work skills, but he is a charming boy. One of his favorite subjects is Technology, where he learns about computer and programs. He excels in his Religious Education. He understands the concepts of good and evil. He has high family and community values. More importantly, he shows an amazing ability to apply everything he learns from school into his daily life. He is truly learning how to be the best with the tools he is given.
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